Elegant Facial Recognition Time Attendance System Malaysia (Model: 52AI) WiFi

Most Popular Face Time Attendance System

  • Latest facial recognition AI technology.
  • High Class Performance, LOW in PRICE
  • Fast and Accurate facial registration algorithm
  • Built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and WiFi
  • Web Base Time Attendance System. Access anywhere via internet
  • After sales technical support
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Facial Recognition Time Attendance System: Improve Attendance Accuracy, Security, and Efficiency

Facial recognition time attendance systems are becoming increasingly popular as a way to improve attendance accuracy, security, and efficiency. These systems use facial recognition technology to identify and track the attendance of employees.

Advantages of Facial Recognition Time Attendance Systems

There are many advantages to using facial recognition time attendance systems, including:

  • High accuracy: Facial recognition systems are very accurate, with error rates of less than 1%.
    This is much lower than the error rates of other like fingerprint scanners.
  • Convenience: Facial recognition systems are very convenient for employees. They do not have to remember to carry anything with them, and they can clock in and out with a simple glance at the camera without touching any devices.
  • Efficiency: Facial recognition systems can help to improve efficiency in the workplace. Employees tend to be punctual as their attendance is recorded

How Does Facial Recognition Time Attendance Work?

Facial recognition time attendance systems typically work in the following way:

  1. The employee stands in front of a camera.
  2. The camera capture an image of the employee’s face.
  3. The image is then process by an algorithm and then it is compared to a database to find a match one which was previously stored.
  4. If the face matches a known face, the system records the time and date of the attendance.


Facial recognition time attendance systems are a great way to improve attendance accuracy, security, and efficiency. If you are looking for a way to improve your workforce management, a facial recognition time attendance system is a great option.


  • Web base Time Attendance System
  • Store up to 500,000 records
  • Can register up to 5,000 faces , 5,000 RFID card
  • Contactless face verification. Just stand in front of the reader for less than a second
  • Verifying methods : Face, RFID card, pin number
  • Comm method: WiFi, USB (Recommend Thumb drive USB 2.0), RS485, TCP/IP
  • Suitable for various application, remote monitoring

More powerful model : 53AI
Please WhatsApp  0162926533

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