(Recorder Model: GT8100) Bigger Memory Makes Job Easy

To implement a good guard tour system at the premises, station points are to be placed at strategic locations so that when guards patrol the premises, they will cover the important locations of the premises to prevent break-in or accident incidents from happening.

A proper schedule of patrolling must be carried out at regular interval so that  security environment is maintained within the premises.

Service Available: After sales support and repair. Many years in servicing Umei guard tour system
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Guard Tour System is used in : Factory, Condominium, Shopping complex, Housing (Gated Community), Commercial Building, Airport, Warehouse, ….


  • Station point is protected by stainless steel casing.
  • GT8100 Recorder is made of stainless steel. It is tamper and water resistance. Rubber grip on the body.
  • Data in the GT8100 recorder is transferred via a downloader into the computer through USB port.
  • Expandable: Additional GT8100 Recorder, Guard ID Key and Station Point can be added as needed
  • GT8100 Recorder is powered by a 3v lithium battery. (low maintenance)
  • Works by a simple touch….security guard simply takes the recorder and touch a station point to record the date and time of his patrolling to those locations.
  • System includes: GT8100 recorder, Carrying case, Downloader, Software in CD


  • Simple Operation, Reduce time in tabulating reports
  • Electronic Time Registrations – No paper required for recording
  • Easy to use and powerful software to generate comprehensive
  • Recorder battery available in open market.
    User may replace the battery in the GT8100 recorder

GT8100 Recorder Specifications:

  • Size : 130mm(L) x 25mm(diameter)
  • Weight approx: 220 gram
  • Memory: 8000 records
  • Powered by: 3v lithium battery ( removable type — user may replace battery)

Downloader Specification :

  • Size:178mm x 128mm x 40mm
  • Weight approx: 400 gram
  • Communication Interface: USB

Computer Hardware and Operating System Requirement:

  • USB port
  • Microsoft Windows 7,10.
  • CD ROM player for software installation

Service Available: After sales support and repair. Many years in servicing Umei guard tour system
Also known as Digital Watchman Clock, Guard Patrolling System, Guard Patrol System, Electronic Watchman Clock, Electronic Guard Tour System

Station point, Guard ID Key

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