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We are different from online platform like SXXXXX, LXXXXA because we provide consultation on our guard tour system. You are welcome to call or WhatsApp to us even just a small matter that you would like to know about the guard tour system. We are more than happen to give you more information about our product.

Buying online is you don’t know where the shop is and it is very difficult to know more about the product. Some sellers may even manipulate the reviews to make the shop looks good.

If you happen to claim warranty, the procedure is slow and it may takes months before you can get the replacement.

If you buy from us, our response is definitely much faster than the online platform.

Wide Range of Guard Tour System and Watchman Clock 

We are a leading supplier of guard tour systems and watchman clock. We have been providing guard tour system solutions since year 2003. We offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our clients are from various industries, government, hotels, factories, tertiary education center, palm oil plantation, condominiums, commercial buildings and etc. We provide after sales service like technical support and repair for our products.

We have comprehensive types of guard tour system solution.  Amano watchman clock is one of the oldest watchman system that has been around over 30 years. Amano is a Japanese company that is famous for its time recorder and watchman clock.
When desktop computer/PC became popular in year 2000, guard tour system that works with software on the PC was developed. It has many advantages over the conventional watchman clock. The reports produced by the guard tour system is more comprehensive. With analysis feature in the software, it is easy to identify if the guard has patrolled according to the schedule and covered all the checkpoints.
When smartphone has become part of everyone life, mobile app guard tour system was developed. It gives more instantaneous patrolling data to the server. And hence the supervisor is able to check the data on the server and monitoring the guards closely. We welcome you to make enquiry.

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Guard Tour System, Ares Mobile App
Ares Mobile App, Digital Clocking

Our Products

We offer 4 types of guard tour systems:

  • Amano Watchman Clock: The Amano Watchman Clock is a traditional guard tour system that uses a mechanical clock to track the movements of guards. It has been around for over 30 years.
    The guard carries the watchman clock to each checkpoint and takes out the station key and inserts
    into the clock and get the station key number printed on the paper roll in the watchman clock.
    Click here for Amano PR600  info
  • Guard Tour System with RFID Checkpoints: A guard tour system with RFID checkpoints uses radio frequency identification technology to track the movements of guards. RFID checkpoint are placed at designated location , and guards must scan the RFID checkpoint with a handheld device to record their arrival and  then departure for the next RFID checkpoint.
    Click here for RFID Guard Tour SystemUmei Guard Patrol Light info

  • Guard Tour System with Button Checkpoints: A guard tour system with Button checkpoints uses Button technology to track the movements of guards. Buttons are small, electronic devices that are attached at the strategic locations around the premises  When a guard arrives at a Button checkpoint, they must tap their reader on the Button checkpoint to record their arrival.
    Click here for Guard Tour System  Umei GT8100 Guard Tour Recorder info
  • Mobile App Smartphone Guard Tour Verification System: A mobile app smartphone guard tour verification system uses a smartphone app to track the movements of guards. The app is installed on the guards’ smartphones, and they must check in and out of checkpoints using the app.
    Click here for Smartphone Guard Tour SystemAres QR G Mobile Wifi App info

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Benefits of Using a Guard Tour System

There are many benefits to using a guard tour system, including:

  • Increased security: Guard tour systems can help to increase security by ensuring that guards are patrolling their assigned areas on a regular basis.
  • Improved efficiency: Guard tour systems can help to improve efficiency by reducing the amount of time that guards spend logging their patrols.
  • Reduced costs: Guard tour systems can help to reduce costs by eliminating the need for paper reports and by automating many of the tasks associated with guard patrolling.

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