Umei GT80K Rfid Guard Patrol System (Malaysia)

GT80K comes with Bright LED
Durable RFID Reader

Ares QR G Mobile Wifi App  Ares Mobile App Guard Patrol System

WhatsApp 0162926533 and other models RFID type.

Budget comes with reliability. No monthly fees.

We have been providing robust and reliable patrol systems since year 2003.  We are one of the pioneers for digital guard tour system in Malaysia. Our effective,simple and reliable guard tour system is used in various industries. We have clients in private corporate, government sectors, guarded and gated residential, condominium, plantations, airports, container ports terminal, petroleum refinery terminal and they located all over Malaysia.
It is used for security patrols, cleaning rounds and maintenance safety check.


  • RFID type checkpoint – light weight and durable
  • GT80K reader comes with aluminium Alloy body.
  • GT80K is fully protected and covered.
  • Data in the GT8oK recorder is transferred via a cable into the computer through USB port.
  • GT80K  reader powered by a rechargeable battery.
  • Works by a contactless scanning on the checkpoints.


  • Simple Operation, No monthly fees. Data store locally.
  • Easy to use and powerful software to generate comprehensive
  • Big memory capacity, stores 80,000 scanning records

GT80K reader Specifications:

  • Size : 130mm x 40mm x25mm
  • Weight approx: 170 gram
  • Memory: 80000 records
  • Protection rating: IP 67 waterproof, shock resistant
  • Computer Hardware and Operating System Requirement:
  • USB port
  • Microsoft Windows 7,10.


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